I run workshops on a range of topics that connect age old questions – of purpose, freedom, awareness, money and meaning, to contemporary work struggles and organization challenges.

These offer an opportunity to pause, and consider deeply questions that most of us are carrying, but which we are often too busy, too distracted or too fearful to afford appropriate time and space.

These workshops are fun, safe, provocative, insightful and offer you an entirely fresh and potentially liberating way to consider areas of your day to day experience of work, leadership and career where you may be feeling limited or stuck. Integrating practice and ideas from Eastern spirituality and Western organisation psychology and leadership development, the experience and knowledge gained is both practical and profound.

There are 3 core areas where I regularly run public workshops:


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All these workshops can also be tailored and adapted to be run in company and in educational settings.

They can be useful to help groups, teams and organizations gain powerful new perspectives that can free up new creative energy, communication and shared sense of meaning and purpose.

This may be as part of existing change programmes.

Or as tasters to point the way forward to deeper conversations that need to be had.

The workshops can also be a powerful way of opening up new dialogue, reflective space and fresh perspectives as part of MBAs and other Management programmes.

Tim's workshop calmly and gently led me to consider questions of such gravity for my work/life balance and the goals that I was rather blindly pursuing that I began to address the nature of my own ambition at a very profound level.

Dr Steve Marshall / Director
Photo Dialogue

I was really surprised and impressed by the way a few simple exercises, presented to us as games, could get under the surface so quickly and start opening up some deep and hidden attitudes that drive our behaviour every single day without us really ever being consciously aware of them.

Paula / HR Manager
Financial Services Organisation

One of the best things I have experienced in terms of a learning based group activity.

Lisa Jacobs
Walsall Lifelong Learning Alliance

The Money Workshop led by Tim started me on a journey which was so very insightful … in terms of defining my own authenticity and purpose.

Alex Base / Head of Operational Sustainability

The workshop was a fascinating process of discovery. It challenges your concept of money, what it means to you, and the power it has to propel us forward or hold us back in different ways.

Tim is a unique facilitator, able to work deeply with each person within a very safe space that he creates.

Sarah Tennyson / Global Head of Professional Development
Financial services training company