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Many organisation initiatives don’t deliver the impact that is originally hoped for. Too often programmes emphasise rational and controllable elements of change, and ignore other aspects of experience that play a role in deeper transformation of people, projects and organisations.

The 3 core Different Space frameworks offer safe yet powerful gateways into working with unconscious and transpersonal aspects of organisation / system change.

They invite people – on their own terms and at their own pace – to acknowledge inner and outer dynamics, factors and forces that are blocking or distorting attempts to change, but which are not yet in conscious awareness or acceptable to talk about.


Unspoken and unconscious hopes, fears and beliefs about money create tensions and block new initiatives from moving forward. This work identifies individual and collective beliefs that are manifesting as counterproductive, confusing or conflictual behaviour in organisations.

The result is clarity about what is getting in the way and how to resolve it, and, importantly, greater compassion and respect for the range of different perspectives held by departments or teams.

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Your workshop had a profound effect on everybody on all sorts of levels so thank you so much for that and we look forward to working with you more.”
Dr. Shenpen Hookham / Founder & Director
Awakened Heart Sangha


Supporting you to map out and directly experience how your organisation’s purpose is aligning with individual departments and external stakeholders.

You will understand where communication and relationship is enhancing the overall purpose of your organisation and where things are blocked. Gain insight about how to change things to allow blockages to be resolved.

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Tim approached a bunch of thorny problems with the experience and skillset necessary to offer us professional help, but also with his unusually acute perception and a personal humbleness that enables real, deep change to happen. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude”
Nicky Saunter / CEO
Transform Drug Policy Foundation


Careers and organisations are forever propelled by an ingrained future orientation. Emphasising goals, targets and deadlines we miss a deeper truth that life happens only now. Many people experience stress and dis-ease at work.

Presence at Work introduces intriguing and powerful ideas on topics such as decision making, responsibility, ambition and burn out. This creates a sense of ease, new possibility and deeper connection with self and others.

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If you would like an informal and confidential conversation about introducing Different Space into your organisation then please do get in touch. Nothing I do is off the shelf.

Our conversation will clarify what you need and begin to build a picture of the approach we could take together.

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