Transforming Individuals


Perhaps you are an explorer.

Your job’s fine but you know there’s more. You sense potential for greater meaning, creativity and contribution in what you do. Different Space coaching and workshops give you powerful new ways to clarify your destination and discover how to get there.


Perhaps you are a pioneer.

You’ve made a leap. You started something new – a career path, project or enterprise that inspires you and benefits others. But you have questions – how to lead, how to grow, how to help others flourish while getting everything done. Different Space coaching and workshops strengthen your resolve, build your skills, and illuminate the way forward.




The three frameworks help you radically shift perspective, gain courage and evolve new ways of working. You’ll perceive situations differently, acting with greater clarity, renewed energy and sustained commitment.


Many people trying to make changes are blocked by hopes or fears about money. We postpone taking a leap, believing we must ‘sort out’ money before starting whatever we long to do.

Free yourself to move confidently toward your vision – large or small. It is not about ‘how to make more money’ but about how to commit right now to what inspires and calls you. You’ll gain new freedom, creativity and commitment as well as tools to support the onward journey.

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The Money Workshop led me on a journey which was so very insightful … in terms of defining my own authenticity and purpose. Through this a clearer sense of agency, honesty and courage has been brought into my work.”
Alex Base / Head of Operational Sustainability


Are you seeking change in your life, or wishing to communicate with integrity and inspire others?

If you suspect your life is not fully your own, or struggle to stay connected to purpose amidst pressures at work, this is for you. If you want to change something in your inner approach or outer situation but seem stuck, Centre-Edge offers powerful insights into how to step beyond current boundaries.

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A really fascinating approach to increased awareness of the simple and the complex. Tim is a master in helping us to notice ourselves in our own webs.”
Kevin Bates / Partner
Maex Partners GmbH


Build your capacity to relate to whatever is happening right now. This work helps you relate to pressure, chaos and confusion with greater awareness, openness and sensitivity.

We become less likely to react in habitual and unhelpful ways, and more able to respond creatively with humour, resilience and precision. Ultimately this work opens up profound insights about the true nature of leadership, ambition and wise action in the world.

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The insights and illumination that Tim’s work provoked have contributed to a fundamental re-examination of my life priorities and a significant change in the way that I work and practice. “
Dr Steve Marshall / Academic Director
Ashridge Business School


If you are on your way to establishing wiser ways of working, I’d love to help. You can book workshops here. Or email me to arrange an informal and confidential chat to see how coaching and / or a workshop will help.

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