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Inspiring positive change in groups

Ultimately all teams want to work with flow, harmony and dynamism. But many have problems with conflict, communication or confusion. Others seek greater cohesiveness and creativity in their working relationships. Teams explicitly aiming to change the status quo – e.g. social enterprises, NGOs or start-ups often find themselves stuck in all too familiar internal tensions and power struggles.

I support groups and teams in all sectors both to resolve specific problems and significantly to enhance the way they work.

The three Different Space frameworks support your team to clarify and respect core purpose and identity. The needs and aspirations of each team member can then be acknowledged and included. This is not about artificial groupthink, nor consensus. The focus is on developing a shared, practical understanding of the natural organisation principles of life. When applied to groups and teams the result is enhanced trust, alignment and flow.


Foster a deep connection between team members, unblocking unconscious patterns and habits related to money, risk, initiative and caution.

If your team is struggling with issues of change, strategy and decision-making, this work is immensely insightful. It is also valuable for groups or teams grappling with questions related directly to money e.g. charging, fundraising, spending, investing or remuneration.

The work will energise your team with newfound clarity of intention, deeper trust and the courage to move forward with confidence.

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Help your group to understand team dynamics and see how relationships between your team and other parts of the organisation are currently working.

The principles support you to shift consciously to new approaches that better support healthy communication, flow and relationship. This work is valuable for any team wanting to address questions of purpose, communication, innovation or conflict and to learn how to change elegantly and courageously from one way of operating to another.

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Tim has a deep understanding of how inner dynamics translate into the external dynamics. I would highly recommend Tim to others looking for intelligent support in times of change.
Ciaran Mundy / CEO
Bristol Pound CIC Ltd.


Many difficulties arise when we react to projections and stories about the team and the people in it, and not to the reality of what is happening here and now. This is a very human and habitual tendency.

Presence at Work develops a gentle, but powerful capacity to notice and acknowledge what is actually going on in oneself and in others now. Teams develop insight, capacity and skills to stay grounded and aware in the present moment as a basis for enhanced trust, communication and activity.

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If you are grappling with questions, concerns or aspirations in your team and think these approaches can help I’d be delighted to arrange an informal, confidential 1:1 call.

Nothing I do is off the shelf. Our conversation will clarify what you need and begin to build a picture of the approach we could take together.

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