Money & Life work – online community

An online community to deepen and develop your Money & Life work!

This is a private community for people who’ve previously attended a Money & Life workshop to continue.

It’s a place to play, practise and deepen your understanding of:

-> detective work,
-> reclamation,
-> conscious projection onto money,
-> following your life path – with and without money
-> fees, pricing and contracting,
-> and other exciting, experiential and experimental Money and Life topics not covered in the standard workshop.

It is open ONLY to those who have previously attended 1 or more Money & Life workshops with me, (or equivalent seminars / workshops with other PKS facilitators).

You can find dates for forthcoming Money & Life workshops here

(It’s called The Purple Cape Community. If you want to know why check out the video below …)

“You choose your jobs to provide you with a steady income and leisure to render the Goddess whom you adore valuable part-time service.

Who am I, you will ask, to warn you that she demands either whole-time service or none at all?”

Robert Graves

Our aims …


To support one another to apply, deepen and integrate Money & Life work in our own lives.


To encourage one another with ongoing detective work, reclamation, and practical, playful experiments in real life – with and without money!


To share learning, experiences, struggles, shifts, and questions as we apply these ideas.

Walk your path

To support one another to follow our unique, beautiful life paths – with and without money.


To identify new questions, and new areas of application for the Money & Life work, and to research and investigate these as fully as we can together.


To have lots of fun, and build beautiful, life affirming connections and friendships based on Life, (not numbers).

As a member of the Purple Cape Community* you’ll enjoy:

  • A monthly group session with Tim with space for: individual deep dives, Q&A, opportunities for group practice and more. All calls will be recorded so you can listen back, and catch up if you cannot attend live.
  • A private, online discussion group to share all things money & life path related with a fantastic group of like-minded travellers.
  • Opportunity to post questions on Money & Life work for Tim (and others) to respond to.
  • The opportunity to join a Money & Life facilitator training (in development), and receive ongoing supervision, so you can begin facilitating your own workshops and / or applying these approaches to your particular professional area.
  • Extra bits and pieces – writing, audio, interviews with special guests, responding to topics raised in the discussion, which will help you go deeper in your own Money & Life practice.

*A Purple Cape is not included in the membership. Though you are very much encouraged to buy / make / request / steal / imagine your own.


Why ‘Purple Cape’?

‘What’s with that name?’ I hear you cry.

For quite some time I knew I wanted to set up a community of life path explorers and new money paradigm pioneers to work together for support. challenge, learning and fun.

And then during a workshop back in October 2022, the name appeared.

Here is Swarnika, a participant from that workshop sharing the story …

What to pay?

As Peter Koenig, founder of this work, once said to me (and I agree), “the more I do Money work, the less I have any fixed idea what to charge for anything!”

It’s part of my Life Path to offer this work, and to bring a community together in this way. I will do this with and without money.

And … money is very welcome, and a helpful resource. I would love to feel inspired, acknowledged and resourced for offering this. In a conventional, practical sense, receiving money helps me focus more time and energy supporting you, and developing the group.

So, you are invited to pay a regular monthly subscription between £0.00 and infinity!

More helpfully, some ideas to help you find a figure …

  • A suggested monthly figure is to pay 10% of what you would pay for the Money and Life workshop. Current rates for the workshop are: £225 / £350 / £475 / £600 / £725. Reduced rates below £225 are also available for those who need one.
  • Another option is to contribute roughly: 0.0005 x your gross annual income (before taxes, from all sources), per month.
  • Another option: line up a wide range of possible figures in sequence written on pieces of paper placed on the ground. Tune in first to your Life impulse, your wish to participate in this community – with and without money. Once you are in touch with that, walk up and down the line of figures with awareness in your body and feelings.It can be helpful to hold a question in mind (while staying in touch with body and feeling too). Something like “what is a beautiful energy exchange here?” or “what figure is inspiring for me, and nourishing for Tim and the community as a whole?” Trust your body sense, and see how that connects with figures you may have reached in more cognitive or abstract ways.
  • Finally, if you really have no idea what to pay, you are welcome to join and decide later.
  • I am also open to you proposing creative, unusual methods of exchange, payment or contribution, as long as they are inspiring for you, and arising from a Life Centered place.

Do you want regular support to do Money in new ways, and follow your Life Path as fully as possible?