The Money Workshop

The Money Workshop

Your money or your life?

Our hopes and fears about money get in the way of the things we really want to do in life. The Money Workshop is a powerful, insightful process that challenges and transforms your perceptions, supporting you to live a life centered on your values, passions and purposes … with and without money.

Explicitly not a workshop about ‘how to make more money!’ this is an invitation to explore how unconscious beliefs about money block you from doing the things that matter most to you. Discover how to make conscious, courageous choices that express a new story about money, purpose and possibility.

Money makes the world go round, but how many of us actually understand what money is, and importantly, how it affects us emotionally and psychologically?

Take the next step


Transform your beliefs about money and discover their roots in your personal history and cultural upbringing


Recognise the reality you have created in your life and work based on your uninvestigated relationship to money


Learn simple, powerful techniques to explore unconscious money beliefs as a tool for personal & professional development


Develop a new mindset to introduce greater creativity and courage into your financial decisions and life choices


Integrate your insights back into your life and work so you can act with more flexibility, creativity and clarity of purpose


Understand the unconscious dynamics driving our work, business and economic systems

Transforming individuals, groups and organisations

Read more in-depth testimonials of The Money Workshop

  • The workshop was engaging, interesting, challenging, unexpectedly emotional and ultimately an inspiration and strong motivator to lead a better money life/path. It was extremely refreshing to be able to talk about this taboo subject in a safe environment, orchestrated by your skillful coaching and thoughtful approach.
    Sam Reneaux // Commercial ManagerPhaidon International
  • The workshop was an eye opener into the projections we put onto money and its role in our lives. We identify so much with our thoughts sometimes, but Tim's workshop helped me smash these identities and rebuild anew. A really invigorating and exciting experience!!
    Sean Buchan // DirectorIf Not Now Digital
  • Money & Life is an incredible, well developed and revelatory workshop that truly has the potential to change your life. It completely challenges the assumptions we ALL have around money and shines a light on how these assumptions can block our aspirations.
    Chris Bettles // DirectorIf Not Now Digital
  • I was really surprised and impressed by the way a few simple exercises, presented to us as games, could get under the surface so quickly... Tim brought a sense of both curiosity and kindness, which gently, gradually led us to valuable, fresh insights into some of our habits and triggers. If you're thinking about taking this workshop, I'd absolutely encourage you to.
    Paula A. // HR ManagerGlobal financial services organisation
  • I’m happy to report that since the workshop just over a year ago, I have made significant, positive strides in my relationship and behaviours relating to money. My approach is now much less burdened by emotional baggage and confusion and more anchored in clear, practical action.
    Amy Rose // Theatre Director & Live Artist
  • I am more conscious of my reaction to money and how it has been more of an inhibitor than enabler in the past. I feel I am beginning to untangle myself from some of the hang-ups and unhelpful associations and projections I have had around money.
    Peter Thompson // Founder & EditorThe Eth Word
  • The Money Workshop led by Tim started me on a journey which was so very insightful in terms of defining my own authenticity and purpose... It was through this that a clearer sense of agency, honesty and courage has been brought into my work.
    Alex Base // Head of Operational SustainabilityHSBC
  • The workshop was a fascinating process of discovery. It challenges your concept of money, what it means to you, and the power it has to propel us forward or hold us back in different ways.
    Sarah Tennyson // Global Head of Professional DevelopmentFinancial services training company

We are driven by hopes and fears about money

Our culture’s story about money is changing. People are realising that an economy based on accumulating stuff and maximising profit harms both personal and planetary life. Many now wish to change their personal relationship to money and to enable wider economic and social change.

But as individuals, groups and organisations we often become blocked when wanting to make changes, take action or forge new directions by hopes and fears related to money. The pull of what we love to do, wish to do, or feel called to do in life, quickly gets confused or distorted by unexamined beliefs and assumptions about how money fits into the picture.

Based on the groundbreaking research over more than 30 years of Peter Koenig, The Money Workshop helps you step beyond uninvestigated stories about money that are holding you back.

Ready to join The Money Workshop?

The Money Workshop is normally run as a 2 day workshop for up to 15 people.

It is possible to run a 1 day version which introduces the basic material but with less time for personal application.

I also offer tasters in the form of 90+ minute interactive presentations, seminars and talks introducing ideas and research behind this process. Money Work can also be offered through 1:1 coaching as well as to groups and teams wanting to investigate how untested stories about money are holding them back.

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