Power, Activism and the Shadow

Photo by: Simon Chambers from @actclimate

The Paradox of Change

People working for change often struggle with the very problems they are trying to address out in the world. Sustainability activists frequently suffer from burnout, depletion and lack of resource. Organisations working for equality and justice have their own internal conflict and power struggles.

Often present, but rarely discussed, these dynamics block our potential personally and collectively. They get in the way of the changes we’re seeking and limit what we’re capable of.

This interactive, experiential workshop will illuminate your relationship to questions of change, power and impact. It invites activists to reflect on their blind spots and hidden assumptions. What are our shadows and how can we use them to access the resources, capacities and energies we need to create real change?


Many people are trying to change the world ‘out there’. Amazingly the very thing that most bothers us ‘out there’ can become a signpost to our own development. This unlocks entirely new strategies and possibilities for action.

Take the next step


Safe, confidential, honest sharing of how people like you experience power, agency and impact in their change work.


Insight into what you, and your project / organisation, are blocking because of blind spots and unconscious projections.


Reconnection with energies and capacities that are necessary for your project to flourish, but which you’ve ignored.


Discover a map of how people / projects working in change, develop and evolve. Understand how this helps you navigate future opportunities and challenges.


Integrate your insights back into your life and work to act with more flexibility, creativity and clarity of purpose


Simple but powerful tools to bring back into your organisation to support internal change and effective action.

What will we cover

We will use live case studies, group dialogue and simple but powerful experiential exercises. We’ll illuminate how the people and situations we want to change ‘out there’, offer us gifts that help us work with more clarity, creativity and impact.

Incorporating insights from the groundbreaking money work of Peter Koenig, cultural trends research, leadership development psychology and the process oriented psychology of Arnold Mindell, this is an inquiring, fun and insightful opportunity to transform your relationship to some rarely discussed topics. We will find in us the very forces we hope to change out in the world, and discover how to engage these forces for good.

Bring your questions and challenges and come play, explore and discover new possibilities for your activism, agency and change work.

Who is it for?

For people who:

  • Are working toward a different, better world within the business, community or not for profit world.
  • Are activists, campaigners, social entrepreneurs, politicians, tempered radicals or revolutionary spirits – in whatever sphere.
  • (May) struggle with burnout, exhaustion and lack of resource in your life or project / organisation.
  • (May) experience confusion, blockages or conflict that you are ignoring, not dealing with effectively, or that is sucking up time and energy in your project.
  • Sense that the time has come to connect, scale and collaborate to generate real impact. You want tools and insights to overcome old patterns that are hindering your potential.
  • Welcome personal and professional development in service of the work you want to do.

Ready to join Power, Activism and the Shadow?

This is a 1 day public workshop. All welcome.

It is also available to run internally over 1 or 2 days for groups and organisations wanting to approach change in new ways.

Or as 90+ minute interactive presentations, seminars and talks introducing the basic ideas and research behind this process.

Or through 1:1 coaching to help leaders integrate personal values with their professional role to support wider changes.

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