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Journey to Centre

The Journey to the centre allows us to establish a strong connection with our inner core and delve deeply into our center, ultimately fostering a sense of trust that enables us to operate from that place.
For some individuals, this also means rediscovering their life path and life center, particularly if they have become disconnected from these aspects of themselves due to adhering to more conventional ways of thinking.

Part of Life.centred

Life.Centered is an my way to encapsulate and unify the diverse range of valuable, intriguing, extraordinary, and impactful services I provide, which have been challenging to define in the past.

While people recognise the worth and significance of what I offer, they struggle to articulate it. Similarly, I have faced difficulties in explaining my work, but I have come to realise it it all ties in to Life.Centered.

In essence, individuals feel and undergo transformative shifts through their interactions with me through various practices and events that we undergo together.

Life.Centered is our overarching story


Safe, confidential, honest sharing of how people like you experience power, agency and impact in their change work.


Insight into what you, and your project / organisation, are blocking because of blind spots and unconscious projections.


Reconnection with resources and capacities that are necessary for your project to flourish, but which you’ve been ignoring or dismissing.


Discover a map of how people / projects working in change, develop and evolve. Understand how this helps you navigate future opportunities and challenges.


Integrate your insights back into your projects and work so you can act with more flexibility, creativity, compassion and impact.


Simple but powerful tools to bring back into your organisation to support internal change and effective action.

What Will We Cover:

We will use live case studies, group dialogue, frameworks and theory, and some simple but powerful experiential exercises. We’ll illuminate how the very people and situations we want to change ‘out there’, offer us gifts in our own development that help us work with greater clarity, creativity and impact.
Incorporating insights from the groundbreaking money / shadow work of Peter Koenig, cultural trends research, leadership development research, and the process oriented psychology of Arnold Mindell, this is an inquiring, fun and insightful opportunity to transform your relationship to important but rarely discussed topics.
We will find in us the very forces we hope to change out in the world, and discover how to engage these forces for good.
Bring your questions and challenges and come play, explore and discover new possibilities for your activism, agency and change work.

Who is it for?

This is for people who:
– Are working toward a different, better world within the business, community or not for profit world.
– Are activists, campaigners, social entrepreneurs, politicians, tempered radicals or revolutionary spirits – in whatever sphere.
– Struggle with burnout, exhaustion and lack of resource in your life or project / organisation.
– Experience confusion, blockages or conflict that you are ignoring, not dealing with effectively, or that is sucking up time and energy in your project.
– Sense that the time has come to connect, scale and collaborate to generate real impact.
– Seek tools and insights to overcome old patterns in the way you and your organisation work that are hindering your potential.
– Welcome personal and professional development in service of the work you want to do.

How Does it work?

The programme takes place over 6 weeks, with one 90 minute session each week.
Live sessions are 14.00 – 15.30 BST (UK time).
All sessions are recorded for you to watch again, or in your own time if you are unable to attend live.
You are also invited to post questions and updates in advance – which I will respond to, even if you are not able to attend a live session.
Session dates & suggested outline topics*:
Getting started. Introductions. Cultural change & sub-groups. Shadow and Projection.
Activism, change, personal & leadership development. Polarity & integration.
The paradox of change. Being the change vs being the thing you want to change.
Opponents, baddies, and ‘other’ as homeopathy and mirror. Activism as alchemy.
Inner and outer systems. Inner and outer power. Power, individuation and wholeness.
Reflection. Integration. Tying up threads. What on earth shall we do next?
*The exact content of each session will respond to the group’s interest, live questions, case studies and themes that emerge. It is likely that over the 6 weeks we will look at all the topics and themes listed above, but not necessarily in exactly that order


My workshops and courses attract people from very varied life, work and financial situations. To create a healthy ecology of work I charge on a sliding scale. I invite you to pay the highest rate that is affordable and appropriate for you / your organisation based on your situation.
Price for 6 session course – including all calls, recordings and materials:
£225* – £725 (including VAT)
*A limited number of bursary places are available. If you would like to attend this course and are unable to pay the minimum rate of £225 you are invited to complete an application to pay any rate below that.

Meet Tim

As a coach, facilitator and organisational psychologist, I’ve worked with professionals just like you. The CEO who suddenly realises their outer work doesn’t align with their inner goals.

The founder attempting to break new ground and give back to our planet. The investor looking for ways to contribute to wider society.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve supported journey after journey. I’ve held a safe space for insecurities, bravery, realisations and, more often than not, to investigate the ‘mainstream’ constructs that trip us up along the way.

If you have the calling, the curiosity… you don’t have to walk the uncharted territory alone.

This is the first time this particular course has been offered.
Here are what people have said about previous courses they’ve attended with Tim that introduce similar and related themes

So very insightful in terms of defining my authenticity and purpose... a clearer sense of agency, honesty and courage has been brought into my work.

Alex Base


A fantastic course from which I have drawn already great value, and will continue to do so surely for the rest of my life. It has such an incredible impact

Jessica Kruger 


An incredible, well developed and revelatory workshop that truly has the potential to change your life.

Chris Bettles

If Not Now Digital


This interactive, experiential 6 week online programme will illuminate your relationship to questions of change, power and impact. It invites activists and their organisations to reflect on, and move beyond, blind spots and hidden assumptions.


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