Money, reclamation and the body

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Your body knows

[PLEASE NOTE: this workshop is open only to those who have already completed a Money & Life workshop with me, or with another PKS authorised facilitator. You can find dates for forthcoming Money & Life workshops here]

In the Money Workshop we introduce Peter Koenig’s idea of Reclamation. This uses the mysterious power of simple words and statements to reconnect us with lost energies and hidden parts of ourselves. We discover that tangled up in unconscious ideas about money, lie precious, revitalizing aspects of our human experience. Re-claiming these qualities expands our sense of possibility, flexibility and creativity in life.

In Money, Reclamation and the Body we develop this idea further. If simple statements can unlock so much potential for Life in our bodies, what else do our bodies already know that can help us move forward freely? How can we access this wisdom and deeper knowing contained in the body?

You will learn simple but powerful exercises that build on the reclamation and Money work you’ve already done, and go further.

You will discover deep wisdom through words, gestures and simple body movements. Discover how your body happily supports you to reintegrate   lost or hidden parts.

This one day workshop offers you rich insights and new possibilities for your life path. It will deepen your trust in following what your body already knows, deep down, allowing you to use that as a guide for Life.


“What seems to be said so suddenly has lived in the body for a long, long time”
David Whyte

Take the next step


Review key elements from the Money Workshop, including the reclamation process and any personal reclamation that are important for you.


Discover for yourself the life giving, positive potentials in the parts of yourself that you habitually judge, deny or resist.


Enjoy the insights and wisdom revealed by simple body movements linked to reclamation statements.


Deepen your understanding of shadow work, reclamation and the wisdom of the body in moving us towards health and wholeness.


Receive guidance and answers to current Life questions and challenges from … yourself (you are wiser than you realise!)


Connect with new parts of yourself, and with a group of fellow participants  going further into the possibilities of reclamation work.

What will we cover

We will base the workshop around reclamation work that you’ve previously done in the Money Workshop*, or subsequently. Simple preparation exercises will remind and help you reconnect with this before the workshop.

We will recap the key ideas of Money Work, in particular Peter Koenig’s reclamation process.  We will consider the power of words to unlock powerful energies and new possibilities in Life.

Noticing that reclamation happens in our body, we will ask what additional possibilities there are to reclaim and reintegrate lost parts or hidden qualities using our body’s wisdom.

We will do some simple but powerful movement exercises based on reclamation, but going further.  These exercises are based on Arnie Mindell’s work on the Dream Body which links directly to the idea of reclamation statements.

Everyone is invited to participate at the same time in movement exercises. So we can all have a go and share our discoveries. You are welcome to go ‘off video’ during movement exercises, so you don’t need to feel self conscious or in the spot light.

This is an interactive, experiential day. There will be time for Q&A, sharing insights and exploring themes that are important for the group on the day.


Who is it for?

*Because this workshop builds directly on the reclamation process introduced at the Money Workshop it is only open to people who have previously completed a Money Workshop with me, or with another authorised facilitator within Peter Koenig’s system.

Please contact me if you would like to come and are unsure whether this is you!


Do I have to remember the reclamation process?

No. It’s ok if you have previously been introduced to it, but are a bit rusty or have forgotten. The pre work and the workshop will remind you of the process as a basis for further exploration.


Ready to join Money, Reclamation and the Body?


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