I have over 20 years’ experience supporting groups and teams to deepen their communication and strengthen their ability to explore, learn and take action together.

I work with groups as small as 3 and as large as 500+ designing processes that enable authentic communication and collective discovery.

A starting assumption is that all groups hold considerable knowledge, experience and expertise which is often stifled due to lack of time, space and ‘permission’ to come together in meaningful ways.

Improving the quality and vitality of how a group works is often more effective at solving stuck problems and generating real solutions than formal training or top down expert consulting.


Areas of work include


Learning sets and groups support powerful personal, leadership and team development through facilitation of structured, creative peer learning.

I have used these approaches to:

  • Support an organisational restructure and team development for a small charity.
  • Develop innovation and creativity behaviours for leaders across a pharmaceutical business.
  • Strengthen capacity to work across organisations and in partnership in the public sector.
  • Help the learning team of an NGO deepen their understanding of how to create transformational change in a multinational corporate client.


External facilitation creates as safe, supportive and intentional space to reflect on key issues and deepen communication and clarity on the sometimes ‘sticky’ stuff that can be hard to talk about, and which can block a feeling of progress.

Examples of facilitation include helping:

  • Leadership teams of successful creative media companies to take stock and re-clarify the deep purpose and long term vision for their businesses.
  • The management team of a pioneering CIC to reflect on challenges, progress and learning in order to assess and change strategy and make operational changes.
  • A department of corporate lawyers obstructed by significant interpersonal conflicts and communication issues.


I design and facilitate fun, engaging and impactful processes to help large groups and whole organisations reflect on shared challenges, communicate across boundaries and explore new possibilities.

Examples include:

  • Facilitation of Open Space events for multinational pharmaceutical company to explore internal culture, values and change.
  • Dialogue event for public sector organisations to share learning and best practice on partnership working on cross cutting activities.
  • Design and facilitation of interactive educational event for students, teachers and stakeholder for an academy school exploring relevance of sustainability to business and enterprise.

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