The Compassionate Professional Revolution

The Compassionate Professional Revolution

Do you long to contribute or create something through your work that serves humanity, society and planet?

Do you ask yourself uncomfortable questions about the work you do and whether it is part of the solution, or contributing to the wider problem?

This programme will establish you as truly purposeful, creatively impactful and fully aligned at work, making a difference to the things that really matter to you.

You are warmly invited to enroll in The Compassionate Professional Revolution.

Whatever work you do, whatever industry you are in and whatever level or career stage you are at, surely the only really worthwhile leadership question is – how will what you do help create a society for all humans that is also good for the planet?

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How will this help me?

See the Change, be the Change

It feels like the world is in crisis and not enough is being done about it. There are disturbing signs of ecological breakdown, social upheaval and human suffering everywhere.

You feel called to help, perhaps even have a vision of how you could contribute. But you don’t know where to start.

Find your unique way to becoming part of the solution.

Align with what really matters

You’re established in a decent career, maybe in a senior leadership role. But deep down work feels rather empty and unfulfilling.

You’re not being true to who you really are, nor expressing what truly matters to you.

Rediscover a sense of purpose that will allow you to flourish, and create a positive impact on the world around you

Step up to real world leadership

This continuing sense of personal frustration and global breakdown can feel overwhelming. It seems impossible to slow down the pace of work enough to make real changes.

You’re ready to redirect your work toward the issues you care about. You’re ready to take real leadership, regardless of your official role.

Transform your identity at work, one practical step at a time.


David Hunter

Consultant Solicitor // Bates Wells

Sally Gray

Director, Sustainable Finance // EY

Nick Flynn

Legal Director //

“I am hugely enthusiastic about – and grateful for – the work Tim has done with me this year. In the beginning, I knew I wanted to communicate more effectively – both inside and beyond my organisation – to move us to a more purposeful and creative response to climate change.  We very quickly exceeded any expectations I had about what was possible.

In the time I have worked with Tim my law firm became the first (in the UK) to declare a climate emergency and I am now significantly involved in moving that work forward. I am grateful for the part Tim has played in helping me to take personal leadership in this new way.”

“Over many years, I have found Tim’s work both insightful and transformative.

I particularly value the way he holds a space that is disruptive but also full of heart and understanding. His ability to listen is unequaled, and he hears what is both said and unsaid, which makes him an excellent facilitator and coach. After all these years I am still learning with and from Tim and I highly recommend more people do the same.”

“When I met Tim, I was seeking purpose but finding it elusive. Stumbling along the path, unsure of my right to walk it and often getting in my own way, I was lucky to encounter a guide to help me. Tim’s approach is truly holistic. He challenged me to take seriously the scale of my ambition to work toward a better world.

He supported me to explore and accept my many contradictions, and to experiment with how my outer actions and inner state of being can combine in authenticity, agency and action. He’s helped me express integrity, wholeness and presence in all my work. Today I feel deep gratitude for the road I’ve traveled. I can think of no better guide to realising what’s possible on your own journey than Tim.”

Who is this for?

Who is this not for?

Professionals, founders and executives who sense that their personal fulfillment, evolution and legacy will come from a greater contribution to  social, ecological or global issues.

Professionals, founders and executives whose primary focus at the moment is on climbing the ladder and on their personal career progression

Professionals, founders and executives seeking radically different ways of thinking about work, business, organization and what it means to be a leader today.

Professionals, founders and executives who don’t feel a call to align their leadership and career with wider societal, ecological or global issues.

Professionals, founders and executives who understand that we cannot solve problems with the same approaches and ways of thinking that created the problems; and who are therefore open to integrating intuitive and holistic approaches to change, as much as rational, goal directed planning

Professionals, founders and executives who want to focus solely on rational, linear and goal directed approaches to personal and system change.

How does it work?

1 to 1 Coaching sessions

Help you identify deeper purposes and address and move past old patterns and historical blocks that are keeping you stuck.

Group coaching + seminars

Give you the support and challenge of peers on a similar journey, as well as insights and inspiration from those who have gone before.

Online exercises and materials

Gradually transform your thinking around both personal and system wide change. You’ll develop new ways of being and doing that will have real impact in your work and in your life.



Get a map of the journey ahead.

Identify where you are on the journey to full alignment in your work, and what is needed for your next steps


Reframe disappointments, frustrations, fears and concerns as a meaningful wake up call so you can enrol yourself into a growing, global movement for change


Develop confidence and conviction that you can follow a deeper pattern and purpose to your life.

Consciously investigate how to express this through current work roles.

It's not about the Money!

Release money related fears that are holding you back from creative next steps.

Become free to use money in service of the life, work and contribution you actually want.

The Path of Living Leadership

Step up in your current work situation – right now, as a force for good in the areas that matter to you.

Develop skillful, sophisticated approaches to leading change within and beyond current work roles.


Transform unconscious fears that keep you stuck, into allies that give you power, clarity and momentum to take real leadership.

Identify and welcome fear in teams and organizations, as a powerful tool for leading change


Gain the freedom, power. clarity and alignment that comes with knowing that your Work is always bigger than your job.

Experience and express yourself as an authentic leader – regardless of your official role or status in any hierarchy.

Louise Nkosi

Deputy CEO // MeWe360°

Alessandro Mele

Founder & CEO // Ethical Fin

Monica Marzinotto

Head of Investment Services // Financial Services Company

“I’ve always been clear on my personal values and social mission. My main challenge was remaining confident and authoritative bringing these insights and perspectives into conversation and decision making at senior levels.

Tim has been a trusted advisor, coach, provocateur and supporter on my leadership journey. He’s affirmed my instincts, reflected a deep trust in my values and visions, and helped me increasingly to express those with calmness and confidence in the situations that matter. I’m now moving toward a CEO position, establishing my own way to lead with conviction while staying true to myself. I highly recommend working with Tim to anyone wanting to combine impact with genuineness and authenticity on their own leadership journey.”

“I’d recently gone through a personal epiphany to bring more meaning and purpose into my work life when I met Tim. But I didn’t know what to expect.

The workshops and sessions really woke me up! Tim helped me start seeing my own mindset, breaking down barriers and unhelpful ways of thinking I’d built up throughout life. Then I could clearly identify my purpose and own my vision of what I’ve been called to do (to help heal the planet by catalysing capital and a network of highly conscious people).
Our work has empowered and expanded my leadership capacities hugely and opened up a path to better alignment and personal happiness in my work, personal and spiritual life.

Thanks Tim Malnick, you are an amazing coach and loving human being!”

“At times, we find ourselves caught in action to compensate for a temporary lack of vision. Or even with a vision, we realise that this vision is not aligned with our life purpose. And what is our purpose… today? What is the intention that moves our lives, now?

Working with Tim has allowed me to gently take layers off so to access my true heart desires. This journey in rising awareness has accelerated choices and life changes in a beautiful and unexpected way. In gratitude for this very special gift, I warmly recommend Tim as a wonderful guide for your personal discovery journey: from wherever your departure station is, Tim will hold your hand securely while preparing you to jump off to the new you.”

Find fulfillment,
Evolve as a leader,
Become a living part of the solution

Our world faces huge challenges in the coming decades. Ecological collapse, climate chaos, social injustice, economic transformation and political upheaval are all increasingly in the news and in our awareness. Many people are now waking up to the scale of the challenges we face and wanting to do something about it.

This can feel daunting, disturbing and upsetting. Viewed in the right way, it can also be a tremendous opportunity; an inner call to re-align careers, organisations and sectors to new approaches based on wisdom, kindness and vitality. The world is shaped by what each person does, day by day, month by month, year by year.

Are you ready to take a step forward in your life and leadership – to become a living part of an emerging solution? If you are, or think you might be, book a call and let’s chat about what can support you.

Take the next step

You’re invited to book a free, informal, confidential 1 to 1 coaching call. This call is focused on you – your current situation, hopes, fears, frustrations and aspirations. We’ll get you clearer on how to move forward to make the contribution you’d love to be making in the world.

If at the end we both think this programme can be a good fit for you, we’ll set up another call to discuss that. If not, I’ll offer other suggestions, resources and connections to support your journey.

Either way this will be a valuable coaching call, helping you align your work with the things that most matter to you.


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