New Year (online) retreat – January 2020

New Year (online) retreat – January 2020
6th November 2019 Tim Malnick
In Presence at Work

An invitation to a New Year retreat

Before I had children I used to do a 4 week meditation retreat every January. It was a great way to start the year. Since becoming a dad 10 years ago I’d not done retreats of anywhere near that length. Last year I did a 4 week retreat at home and shared it online with a group of around 20 people who wanted to have their own New Year retreat experience. We applied meditation and awareness practices in our normal lives, in a disciplined and committed way. We had a wonderful and inspiring time.

I am planning another New Year online retreat this January and warmly invite you to join me.


What happens?

We will do this retreat at home, amidst our daily life and normal activities – work, family life, tax returns etc. Prototypes and personal experiments over recent years tell me that this is not only possible but can be very powerful. It is very much within the Buddhist tradition I follow (I’ve practised and taught within for over 20 years) that with the right intention, conditions and support, one can practice fruitfully in any situation. This represents the model of the ‘household Yogin’ – practising a path of awareness and meditation in normal life rather than in a monastic or secluded situation.

I invite anyone who would like to, to join me.

The retreat will include:

  • 2x scheduled group video calls / talks each week – introducing all the key elements you need, with time for group meditation, questions and discussion. Calls are recorded so you can listen back to them again, or if you miss the live call.
  • Online chat and discussion forums – an opportunity to share experiences, reflections and questions with the group. I will respond to any questions and threads going further into the topics and questions that come up.
  • A daily blog to your inbox featuring quotes, stories and writing – going into more depth  on aspects of the retreat practice that pop up at various points.

I’ll share some of my own learning about retreat, meditation and how to apply it all amidst the chaos and challenge of daily life. The intention is to inform, support and inspire you on your own New Year domestic retreat experience.


How is it structured?

The 4 weeks  (5th January – 1st February 2020) will be divided into 3 main phases:

  • Entering / preparing – the meaning of ‘retreat’, establishing supportive boundaries and routines, introduction to the key elements of meditation and awareness practice.
  • Immersion / going deeper – further explorations of meditation; working with silence and simply being; letting go and learning to rest with what is.
  • Re-entry / leaving retreat – applying this to daily life situations, working with challenges, relationships and other provocations; the possibiilty of compassionate and skilful action in the world; how to continue a practice beyond retreat.

Each phase is really important and offers its own learning and inspiration. Understanding these different phases also supports you to carry on some kind of practice after the retreat – if you would like to.


Who should come?

Anyone and everyone is welcome. This will be useful and supportive both for total beginners who want to learn about meditation, spiritual practice and retreat, and for those with an existing practice, even experienced meditators, who struggle (as many do) with how to stay connected amidst everyday distractions and busy-ness. My intention is for it to be a good way for anyone to begin their year in a clear and conscious way.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge for attending the online retreat. In line with Buddhist principles of generosity and energy exchange, and also with my own work around Money and Life I will invite you to make a donation at the end of the retreat. Your donation is one way of expressing appreciation for what you’ve received and of energising further developments and future programmes.


Who are you?

I am an experienced coach, facilitator and organisation psychologist.

I have over 25 year’s experience practising and teaching Buddhist meditation in different contexts and situations. Also in helping people individually and in groups, with their personal and professional development. I am an authorised meditation teacher within the Longchen Foundation.

You can find out more about me here. And here.


OK, I’m interested – what should I do next?

If you are interested please contact me – referring to the New Year retreat 2020. You are welcome to ask any questions. I will respond to any questions and send you more detailed information about the retreat and outline next steps.