8th January 2018 Tim Malnick
In Money & Life


These are testimonials from people who’ve attended the Money & Life Workshop.

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Thank you so much for holding such a life changing workshop. I experienced you as a generous, intelligent, wise, and safe facilitator which allowed me to open up and be present to the profound and multilayered process that unfolded in the workshop… in the days and weeks after the workshop, I felt as if something huge had been unblocked, released, and integrated which allowed a renewed and more vital energy to flow through me … it has been like having an essential missing ingredient become available.

Jemima, Psychotherapist


“The Money Workshop was an amazing two days. I was at a challenging point from a career perspective anyway, but the workshop gave me to confidence and perspective to do the right thing (which was to leave my current job) and opened up a whole host of future possibilities in my mind.

It also helped me manage and remove various challenges relating to money, that had been mentally frustrating me. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going in to it, but it was an incredible experience which I’m delighted I took part in.”

Martin Threakall CEO, COO, Angel Investor


“THANK YOU so much Tim!

I was cycling around yesterday feeling incredibly free. It was quite revelatory that people’s experience of having big sums of money doesn’t equal security and comfort, but can mean burden and anxiety. I don’t really have any material or financial wealth, but I have in the past felt like I SHOULD and that society expects me to have a mortgage and own home etc. That’s now completely detangled, and I feel so much more trust in the universe, and that resources often come to those who are full of aliveness.

The idea of raising my fees feels much lighter, as it now isn’t a reflection of my personal value and worth.

Thank you, again, for taking us to those deep, vulnerable places. I’m still in awe at how transformational it’s been.”

– Heather K, Graphic Designer


Your programme and your delivery of it was fantastic. I don’t think I have been engaged for 3 hours plus in an online meeting ever… it was so interesting and powerful. You put people at ease in such a kind, supportive way and at the same time challenge thinking with grace. Thank you so much for that!

Since taking part I feel I have had a huge burden lifted from my shoulders which is going to help me as I move forward in my new career. More importantly I can start living again!

– Calum M, Local government manager


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge, your empathy, and the path you have taken and are taking to do exactly what you are doing.

I can clearly perceive how I am changing … I see the image of a snake shedding its skin… I am learning to be more and more with myself … I dare, I trust – I ground my being … thanks again for your lifting me up in my old trauma. It is healing and transforming.”

– Isabelle Z. Coach & facilitator


That was brilliant, thank you. I’ve done constellation work and other soul reclamation and reunification work and the shift today was remarkable. Thank you for leading me through the process with your clarity and presence.”

– Katherine Michel, Community Economic Development Practitioner 


“I gained so much valuable information, through Tim’s supportive, kind, compassionate and helpful questions and way of working. I was able to uncover deeper truths, that were beneath the surface, through his way of interacting, questioning and supporting the process of bringing these issues into the light. Once there, I felt held, supported and was given a clear way of guidance to work with what came up.

… thank you for your time, energy, depth, thoughtfulness and ability to hold the space and deep process for everything. I am very, very grateful.”

– Amie M. Coach & workshop leader


Tim Malnick’s Money workshop is exceptional. He is a master facilitator as he creates a very trusting, secure space, while also oozing worldly wisdom given his range of experiences and understanding around the psychology of money.

Money drives much of what we do, yet we rarely dissect our relationship and understanding of it. This is one of the best places to start.”

– Bear Ashton Johnson, CEO, Foundrs


“The Money Workshop led by Tim started me on a journey which was so very insightful in terms of defining my own authenticity and purpose. The workshop opened up numerous questions about how relationships with money inhibit and mask the work that we really want to do. It was through this that a clearer sense of agency, honesty and courage has been brought into my work.”

– Alex Base, Head of Operational Sustainability, HSBC.


“I was really surprised and impressed by the way a few simple exercises, presented to us as games, could get under the surface so quickly and start opening up some deep and hidden attitudes that drive our behaviour every single day without us really ever being consciously aware of them.

Tim brought a sense of both curiosity and kindness, which kept us ‘in the room’ and gently, gradually led us to valuable, fresh insights into some of our habits and triggers. If you’re thinking about taking this workshop, I’d absolutely encourage you to.”

– Paula A, HR Manager, Global financial services organization.


“I’m happy to report that since the workshop just over a year ago, I have made significant, positive strides in my relationship and behaviours relating to money. My approach is now much less burdened by emotional baggage and confusion and more anchored in clear, practical action. I have resolved several chronic, foggy areas of my own personal finances with relative ease and am now much more able to find swift and satisfactory solutions to arising financial issues and challenges.”

– Amy Rose, Theatre Director & Live Artist.


“Money & Life is an incredible, well developed and revelatory workshop that truly has the potential to change your life – This is not an exaggeration. It completely challenges the assumptions we ALL have around money and shines a light on how these assumptions can block our aspirations. Tim’s professionalism and flexible approach to facilitation, taking account of the needs of the whole group is exceptional.

I decided to do the workshop largely for the purposes of my work, in which I co-run an online campaign company that work exclusively in the social and environmental space. Within this values oriented sector,  money, value, worth, over work etc, are all issues that frequently provide challenges. This workshop not only helped me to uncover some feelings and thought patterns I hold that are not benefiting my work or my organisation but provided the tools to address them.

Largely as a result of doing this workshop, we are in the process of re-structuring our organisation and how we present our services to clients. Already we are seeing benefits, and the learnings from this workshop have continued to play a roll in the decisions we make as a company. 

The workshop also helped me start unpick my feelings towards money in my personal life and how these feelings have developed throughout my life, some of which it is definitely time let go of.  The Money & Life workshop has without question ignited a fresh journey of personal and professional development that is still continuing to this day.”

Chris Bettles, Director, If Not Now Digital


The workshop was a fascinating process of discovery. It challenges your concept of money, what it means to you, and the power it has to propel us forward or hold us back in different ways. Tim is a unique facilitator, able to work deeply with each person within a very safe space that he creates.

I absolutely recommend it provided you are willing to open yourself up to experience deep self-awareness leading to the possibility of change. This [workshop] is an insight into some of the most profound drivers of your choices in your life.”

– Sarah Tennyson, Global Head of Professional Development, Financial services training company.


“This unique and brilliant workshop sits between other spaces I’ve encountered, offering a unique opportunity to explore the complex topic of money and untangle the ideas, judgements and tensions it inspires. I found the framing of the ideas clear and helpful and the spaciousness and facilitation of the workshops to be a perfect balance.”

– Grace Gelder, photographer, artist, researcher


“The workshop was engaging, interesting, challenging, unexpectedly emotional and ultimately an inspiration and strong motivator to lead a better money life/path. It was extremely refreshing to be able to talk about this taboo subject in a safe environment, orchestrated by your skilful coaching and thoughtful approach.

The workshop also enabled me to acknowledge that my ideas around money and success were set during my upbringing, and to realise that by not following that earlier path; I have not been unsuccessful, but rather my perception around money and success has evolved.”

Sam Reneaux, Commercial Manager


“I would thoroughly recommend the “Money & Life” workshop for anybody that finds themselves thinking about money on a regular basis (for whatever reason) and has a desire for transformational change – personally and/or professionally. I attended the workshop as part of my work in developing my company and the workshop was an eye opener into the projections we put onto money and its role in our lives. We identify so much with our thoughts sometimes, but Tim’s workshop helped me smash these identities and rebuild anew. A really invigorating and exciting experience!!

– Sean Buchan, Director / Founder, If Not Now Digital


“The most enormous thank you for leading us through the weekend. The work pushed buttons, was exciting and I feel so fondly about the group and learned from them. All in all: a fantastic course from which I have drawn already great value and will continue to do so surely for the rest of my life.

Thank you for choosing this work as your life path. It has such an incredible impact.
– Jessica Kruger, CEO / Founder, LUXTRA

The money workshop was in itself surprising and challenging, asking fundamental questions about the role money plays in my life – questions that I had never really considered. It has been in the weeks and months since the workshop that my thinking and actions have begun to change.

I am more conscious of my reaction to money and how it has been more of an inhibitor than enabler in the past. I feel I am beginning to untangle myself from some of the hang-ups and unhelpful associations and projections I have had around money. And with that – coincidence or not – I find I have some – money that is!”

– Peter Thompson, Founder and Director, The Eth Word.