Mona Chalabi writes on Money dysmorphia

Mona Chalabi writes on Money dysmorphia
25th March 2019 Tim Malnick
In Money & Life

I enjoyed this piece from Mona Chalabi. Many of the themes resonate with topics that regularly come up on the Money Workshop. More than that, whether her particular situation and story resonates with you or not, I think her piece shows how interesting and rich it can be to start noticing and sharing more consciously one’s particular unique, quirky patterns with money. We all have them, we just think they are normal rather than unique and quirky because we don’t tend to talk about how we ‘do’ money!

As we say on the workshop – money is one of the last great taboos – hidden in plain sight and full of emotion and energy. Our feelings about money very often drive our lives and determine major decisions direction, choice and possibility. And for the most part, we don’t realise that we have no idea what money actually is.

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And of course you might also enjoy coming to a Money Workshop and bringing consciousness and transformation to your own unique, quirky, and still utterly understandable story about money.