An introduction to the Money workshop

An introduction to the Money workshop
22nd November 2018 Tim Malnick
In Money & Life

What is the Money workshop?

The Money workshop takes as its starting point the observation that otherwise effective and competent people, groups and teams are often blocked in their wish to make changes, take action or forge new directions by their hope and fears about money. The pull of what we deeply wish to do, or feel called to do in life, very easily becomes confused or distorted by our beliefs and assumptions about how money fits into the picture.

Money makes the world go round, but how many of us actually understand what money is, and importantly, how it affects us emotionally and psychologically?

Based on the groundbreaking research over more than 30 years of Peter Koenig, this workshop helps you uncover the unconscious projections you make onto money. It frees you up powerfully to take the next steps you need in your life, project or organisation. It is quite explicitly not a workshop about ‘how to make money!’ But rather an invitation to explore  deeply held assumptions about money that are unconsciously stopping you moving into the fullest expression of what you are really here to do.


The workshop will help you:

  • explore with curiosity and honesty your assumptions about and relationship to money and their roots in your personal history
  • recognize the reality you have created in various aspects of your life and in the world so far, based on your relationship to money
  • create a totally different mindset that allows you to experience much greater freedom in your relationship with money
  • learn a simple system that will enable you to address the subject of money with much greater awareness and as a powerful tool for self development
  • integrate your insights back into your life and work so you can act with more lightness and clarity of purpose
  • understand your personal, team or organisational experience in the context of wider issues related to money and finance in society.


How long is the Money workshop?

It is normally run as a 2 day workshop for a maximum of 15 people. This allows time to get into sufficient depth with the material.

It is possible to run a shorter 1 day version which introduces the basic material but does not allow as much time for personal application.

I offer tasters in the form of 90+ minute interactive presentations, seminars and talks introducing the ideas and research behind this process. Money Work can also be offered through 1:1 coaching as well as to groups and teams wanting to investigate how untested stories about money are holding them back.


Where do you run public Money Workshops?

I run regular open / public Money workshops in Bristol and London. I am also happy to be invited to run workshops outside of Bristol or London if there is sufficient interest in a particular location – please contact me for details of how we can set this up.


When is the next public Money workshop?

Please visit the events page for ongoing updates about Money workshops.

If you would like to book, receive more details of these workshops and/or get notification of future workshops please use the contact form.


Can you run a Money workshop for my community, group or team?

Certainly. This work lends itself extremely well to supporting any community, group or team to work deeply and safely with core questions that are likely to be playing out in many areas – not just around money specifically. It can be very useful for:

  • Groups wanting to develop clarity of intention, deeper trust and the courage to move forward with dynamism and confidence.
  • Groups grappling with questions related specifically to money e.g. charging, fundraising, spending, investing, bonuses, promotions or remuneration.
  • Participants in educational programmes and courses of any kind who want to explore the role of money in their future choices around job, career and how money affects the specific area they plan to move into.
  • Groups working in finance related sectors and areas who want totally new insights and perspectives into their everyday work context.

In general this work fosters a connection and understanding between members of any group, unblocking unconscious patterns and habits related to money, risk, initiative and caution. It is an insightful, intriguing and surprisingly fun way to deepen conversations around a whole host of work and life related questions – since money is so central to so much of what we do, and also what we don’t do! It is deep work, always run with great safety, sensitivity and respect for each participant and for the dynamics of the group as a whole.


Can I learn about the Money work one to one?

Yes. I often include elements of this work with individual coaching clients. The question of money arises sooner or later for most people who are considering changes in life and work. I also offer specific coaching sessions focused on the Money work to help you explore and move past blockages in your life / work that appear to be (but in the end rarely are) about money – please contact me for details.


I have other questions about Money and Life work…

I’d love to hear from you and am happy to chat informally and in confidence about how this work may help you and your team or organisation. I am always interested in collaborations with others working in related areas. Drop me a line.