The Money Workshop – Bristol 22nd & 23rd September 2018

The Money Workshop – Bristol 22nd & 23rd September 2018
21st June 2018 Tim Malnick
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What comes first, your money or your life?

The Money workshop takes as its starting point the observation that effective, creative and talented individuals and teams are often hampered in their wish to make changes, take action or forge new directions by fears, concerns or hopes about money. The pull of what we deeply wish to do, or feel called to do, can become confused or distorted by beliefs and assumptions about how money fits into the picture.

Money makes the world go round, but how many of us actually understand what money is, and importantly, how it affects us emotionally and psychologically?

Based on the groundbreaking research over more than 30 years of Peter Koenig, this workshop helps you uncover some of the unconscious projections you typically make onto money. It powerfully frees you up to take the next steps you need in your project, organisation or career. It is quite explicitly not a workshop about ‘how to make money!’ But rather an invitation to explore some deeply held assumptions about money that may unwittingly be stopping you moving into the fullest expression of what you are here to do.


The workshop will help you:

  • explore with curiosity and honesty your assumptions about and relationship to money and their roots in your personal history
  • recognize the reality you have created in various aspects of your life and in the world so far, based on your relationship to money
  • create a different mindset that allows you to experience much greater freedom in your relationship with money
  • learn a simple system that will enable you to address the subject of money with much greater awareness and as a powerful tool for self development
  • integrate your insights back into your life and work so you can act with more lightness and clarity of purpose
  • understand your personal, team or organisational experience within some wider macro issues such as monetary systems, supply and monetary reform


Dates & details:

Venue: Gibson Road studios, Cotham, Bristol, BS6 5SG

Timing: 09.30 – 17.30 Saturday; 09.00 – 17.00 Sunday.

The workshop is non residential. Please contact me if you are interested in affordable B&B options at the venue.



The cost of this workshop is calculated by the following formula:

(Your age x £2.50) + (1/3rd of 1% of your gross annual income) + or – 10% adjustment at your discretion*


*NB: The formula is intended to create a rough sliding scale of payment that incorporates both current income and other financial assets often accumulated over time. Some people love the idea of the formula and others find it rather provocative. Please do contact me if you want to discuss the final figure that is right for you to pay.



You can download a booking form with full details of how to reserve a place here:

Or contact me via the website and I can send you one directly.


What people say about The Money Workshop:

You can read what people say about The Money Workshop here


Any questions?

If you have any questions at all about this workshop please get in touch.

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