EVENT: Consciousness, Change and the Rising Culture

EVENT: Consciousness, Change and the Rising Culture
5th October 2022 Tim Malnick

Consciousness, Change and the Rising Culture:

Taking leadership, finding creativity and courage in a time of planetary transition

A conversation with Hardin Tibbs

With Tim Malnick / The Compassionate Professional Revolution

Monday October 24th
15.30 – 18.00

Central London (venue TBC)

We are experiencing a complex, confusing and multidimensional time of cultural and planetary transition. Crises, turbulence and competing narratives are found everywhere we look.

Questions of how to navigate and lead at such a time become of pressing importance – for each of us personally and for us collectively.

How can we find a personal stance and response to current challenges that enables wise, skilful and positive action?


Drawing on 30+ years experience as a holistic thinker, leading futurologist, and conscious business strategist Hardin will:

• Outline the multidimensional nature of the current transition.

• Offer a simple model – that encompasses diverse aspects of this unfolding future.

• Highlight the importance of a conscious and positive personal stance amid such confusion.

• Frame intense challenges as opportunities for personal growth and attainment of spiritual development.

• Describe a new understanding of how science and spirituality are converging and how this offers a new cultural understanding of the essential questions at the heart of the transition.


  • 15.30 – 17.00: Presentation – The multidimensional nature of current challenges + the role of personal consciousness in creating new paths
  • 17.00 – 18.00: Discussion, conversation, Q & A
  • 18.00 – [Optional] Continuing the conversation socially (pub, dinner etc)


Optional donation request: £20.00 – £100.00


This is a small gathering with limited spaces – to foster connection, dialogue and depth.

You can reserve your place here


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