Navigating the Cultural Transition – workshop

Navigating the Cultural Transition – workshop
13th December 2019 Tim Malnick
In Centre Edge
An image of the entire universe

An immersive three day workshop – remapping our world, ourselves, and our future

14 – 16 February, 2020
Hosted by Quadrangle Trust


Where are we now?

We want the world to change and we have been exhorted to be the change we want to see. We listened and did our best. By now, we are the change – but what exactly is the change? We have a sense of shifting times but we are not sure quite where to take it. How do we make a contribution, what do we do next?

The world appears to be moving more and more deeply into crisis. Technological advances seem to offer radical new possibilities, if only they can be deployed appropriately and in time. We ourselves, with our flawed human behaviour, often seem to stand in our own way. And yet we hold personal and collective visions of a wiser, kinder, saner way of organising society. Faced with so much potential and yet so many problems, what is the key that can unlock a positive and conscious future?

During this event we will work to understand how the modernist beliefs and materialist worldviews that have created the unfolding crisis are also limiting our potential responses to it. We will consider how we might step beyond old cultural stories to embrace and embody a new worldview. We will look at the deeper shifts happening, how to revise our maps, and how to build and integrate the emerging ‘field’.

This will be an experimental space for deep thinking, reflective dialogue and experiential personal discovery. We will learn new skills to navigate in the chaotic space between worldviews. We will think through the wider implications and consequences, integrate new understandings and forge new maps of our changing inner and outer worlds.


Who are you?

You may be a change maker, an activist, a community explorer or organisational pioneer of some kind. You may be an artist who is looking for a new perspective on cultural change. You may be a scientist or philosopher who is frustrated by the narrow outlook of academia. You have known for some time that the old stories are crumbling and have been engaged in attempts to change some area of policy, practice or thinking toward a more sustainable and equitable society. You recognise that we are in a particular time of acceleration – the scale and intensity of challenges, the interconnected nature of issues and also the raising of global awareness and aspiration. You believe we must be the change that is happening and are wondering what it means to embrace and fully live that principle now.

Image credit: Composite logarithmic image of the observable universe by Pablo Carlos Budassi


These are some questions we are asking ourselves

  • What unquestioned assumptions form part of our existing worldview? How do we become aware of the contents of our blind spot? Does this awareness reshape our worldview?
  • How accurate is our big picture of the world and our collective situation? Are we working from an incomplete or inaccurate mental map? Does this mean some of our current actions are ineffective or even counter-productive?
  • How important is our personal and collective belief system in being able to change ourselves and the world? Can we consciously reconfigure our own belief system? What might be different and how would we embody and live a new set of beliefs?
  • How do we acknowledge the perilous and disturbing state of so many natural and human systems, without denial, while still staying open to and positive about the creative possibilities of the future?
  • How do we make a meaningful, strategic and elegant contribution to what is happening? What do we do next?


About us

Hardin Tibbs  Hardin is a futurist with many years experience in scenario planning and future-focused strategic thinking. His work typically involves looking at the future of industries or emerging technologies to identify opportunities and new strategies. In essence he explores and interprets complex, novel, rapidly changing situations to generate actionable strategic insight. He is skilled in strategy process facilitation, and he researches, writes and teaches on future-related topics.

Tim Malnick 
 Tim is a coach, facilitator and organisation psychologist supporting cultural explorers and business pioneers to move into new ways of doing and being in their work. He helps leaders in all sectors connect inner values to outer action in service of a life sustaining and socially just world. His work integrates eastern and western approaches from fields including: process and shadow work, systems thinking, awareness practice, action research and more.

Jessie Teggin
  Jessie is a curator, experience designer and producer, and is the Director of The Quadrangle. She’s worked in the arts, education and environmental sector over the last twenty years and her great passion is exploring our connection to, and interdependence with, the natural world. At The Quadrangle she works to bring people together to share spaces of reflection, creativity and enquiry.


Cost and Schedule

Course £270 (includes all sessions over the three days, lunches, dinners, teas & coffees)
An introductory offer for friends of The Quadrangle and supporters of our work.

: Shared dormitory + breakfast £35 per night
Twin room and breakfast: £75 per night
Private room and breakfast: £90 per night
Local B&B or hotel – contact details can be provided

To book and for further information please contact:

We want this event to be accessible to all and have some bursary places available – email Jessie if you would like to find out more.

: Arrive on Friday from 9.30am for a 10am start, and we will finish on Sunday by 5pm.