About Tim

About Tim

I am based in Bristol where I live with my wife and two young children. I work mainly in the UK with occasional travel for workshops and educational programmes.

I am a faculty member of Ashridge Business School where in addition to research and consulting work, I am a core member of the team teaching the MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility. This programme described in Harvard Business Review as ‘path breaking’  and ‘transformative’ maintains an international reputation for transforming people’s thinking and doing, allowing them to act more creatively and courageously for change within their professions and organisations. It is an honour and a delight to be supporting hundreds of people around the world, each of whom is pioneering new approaches to longstanding questions of leadership, organisation and purpose.

I’ve had a number of roles over the years that have allowed me to develop in this area. I’ve long had one foot in academic settings and one foot in practical settings – a colleague once referred to me as a ‘scholar activist’, which I like – deep thinking connected with practical and bold doing. Roles that have allowed me to explore this include:

  • Visiting Tutor – Goldsmiths University (Ecodesign & Action Research)
  • Visiting Faculty – Bath University, School of Management; Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice
  • Visiting Professor – Rotterdam Erasmus University, School of Management (Business, Sustainability & Leadership)
  • Associate – New Academy of Business, Bath

I am a longstanding Buddhist practitioner and have been teaching meditation for over 15 years. Many of my public and in house workshops, as well as my overall approach to consulting, incorporates teachings and practices from Indo-Tibetan systems as well as western frameworks and practices. This makes my approach, I think, quite unique.

Between 2014 – 2016 I was city Councillor in Bristol. I was particularly involved in policy work around creating Social Value, and also in scrutinizing the council’s £1billion annual budget. I chose to stand down at the recent elections (May 2016) to focus more on education and consulting work. I remain fascinated by questions of democracy, public engagement and how to enable public sector bureaucracies to innovate and open to genuine civic participation in order to respond more creatively to the big challenges of our time.

I am also the author of The Crystal Mirror, a collection of stories for children and adults, published by Vala. Though fairy tale like in style, the stories are about many of the themes of learning, change and development that I bring to my work. Particularly they are about the paradoxical nature of change – how discovery comes from letting go, and how change is very often about acknowledging who and what we already are.

A core belief underlying all my activities is that individually and as a culture, people are waking up to the realisation that current patterns of work, organisation and business are unwittingly contributing to the ecological, social and economic crises that we face. Many people in every type of organisation now struggle with how to balance the demands of ‘making a living’ with their own sense of values, and a deep wish for their work to contribute to wider flourishing of communities, cultures and the planet.

In essence what I offer is a safe and structured space, proven frameworks and powerful practices to take that question seriously, and to help you use it as a gateway into more meaningful, creative and empowering ways of working and running organisations.

Thank you for reading. If you are interested in any of the ideas here and on this website, I would be delighted to hear from you.