About Tim

Big change starts with a single shift

An unusual perspective. A sense of disconnect. A call to respond to wider issues.

That explorative nature of yours, that goes against the status quo, doesn’t make you odd.

It makes you a leader on the edge of something truly transformative.

As a coach, facilitator and organisational psychologist, I’ve worked with professionals just like you. The CEO who suddenly realises their outer work doesn’t align with their inner goals. The founder attempting to break new ground and give back to our planet. The investor looking for ways to contribute to wider society.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve supported journey after journey. I’ve held a safe space for insecurities, bravery, realisations and, more often than not, to investigate the ‘mainstream’ constructs that trip us up along the way.

If you have the calling, the curiosity… you don’t have to walk the uncharted territory alone.

Your journey to aligned leadership

The pathways towards doing work that contributes positively, meaningfully and creatively to the world we actually want to see, become clearer with a roadmap.

Mine is built on a foundation of unique insights, practices, and lived experiences. From developmental adult psychology to awareness exercises that help you tune into your bodily wisdom, we can realign your work and mindset with the things that matter most to you.

My process has been described as ‘strange’, ‘atypical’ and ‘experimental’. It requires you to engage fully and connect with your heart’s truest desires. Together we will reframe the belief systems and old identities that are holding you back from taking bold action.

My life path has led me to …

  • Teaching an intentionally-renowned Masters programme on leadership for sustainability and responsibility
  • Writing a book of folk stories for adults and children
  • A stint in politics (yes, really)
  • Advising organisations of all sizes, shapes and sectors on how to make a genuine impact in the world
  • A 25+ year meditation practice that guides me everyday