Welcome to Different Space

Different Space was established in 2002 to support people to radically transform how they work, and their sense of who they are in their work.

I provide creative, thought provoking and highly impactful learning and development for individuals, groups and organisations.

There is a growing sense, that whether we like it or not, social, environmental and economic pressures are powerfully reshaping the nature of work and organisations in the 21st century. Old assumptions are breaking down, and the challenge is to manifest new visions for whatever work we do – individually and collectively.

With considerable expertise in organisational psychology, social and environmental change, participatory education, mindfulness-awareness practices and more, I help people and their organisations to:

  • Acknowledge and rethink old stories about work
  • Gain fresh perspectives and sense new possibilities for the future
  • Clarify purpose – what you are really here to do
  • Develop courage to re-align careers, projects, teams and organisations with a deeper intention
  • Build skills and capacity for leaders and teams to flourish, and to contribute to the flourishing of those around them.
Organisations, and the people in them, cry out for innovation, passion, inspiration, and yet in the subtle uses of language, rules and power, the very thing that gives rise to these juicy energies is simultaneously marginalised.


I describe the essence of my work as Radical Education.

Radical literally refers to “the roots”, to what is the basis, foundation or fundamental nature of things.

It also implies having or establishing roots – a sense of grounded, core confidence as the basis for action and for supporting and nourishing oneself and others.

Education literally means, “to lead from” or “bring forth from”.

I can help you connect clearly with whatever is the core essence, the deepest foundation of both your challenges and aspirations for the work you do. Then to help you cultivate the awareness, capacities and commitment to lead and bring forth from there.

To do so takes courage. It always has and it always will.

Courage literally refers to the ‘heart’. There can be no courage without first acknowledging whatever is in one’s heart.

And courage comes when we cultivate the willingness to speak, act and lead from that place.

It is little more than the habit and energy of our own minds – individually and collectively, and in particular our attachment to certain thoughts, evaluations and judgements, that creates and maintain the systems ‘out there’ we then struggle to be free of.